I like taking old things and re-thinking/re-inventing them, whether it’s a house or an old wicker settee or a chest of drawers. I’ve mostly lived in old houses (can’t really get excited about new construction), and I’ve done a lot of painting and sanding and caulking, a little plastering and woodworking—and I’m sure I’ll continue to add to my bag of tricks with each new project. I love the process as much as the product, and I’ll probably be doing this sort of thing til I drop.

Since I was also a “starving artist” (dancer) for a lot of my life, I learned to scout for inexpensive stuff that had potential. Most of the projects you’ll see here fall in the “use-what-you-have-decorating” category…with very little money spent and a lot of items simply re-purposed. Many of the transformations have been accomplished with paint alone.

So…I’ll be posting about my own DIY projects here—and also about other people’s projects and ideas that I think are cool/interesting. Enjoy!


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