breakfast nook table with antique sewing machine base

Years ago, I inherited a table with an antique sewing machine table base from my ex-sister-in-law. To create a table top, she’d screwed a piece of laminate countertop to it, which was fine…she used as a sewing machine table, so it didn’t need to be fancy. I used the table for any number of things over the years (including as a sewing machine table), and even made a little tablecloth for it when it was being used in a more decorative fashion. I’d always intended to replace the top at some point, but never got around to it.

sewing machine table before

When I moved into my wonderful little cottage, I needed a small table for the breakfast area in my kitchen, and I realized that the sewing machine table would probably be just right, but it definitely needed a new table top. So…I got a 1x6ft board and cut it in half—placed side by side, the two boards would create a table top measuring 24×36 inches. Using three pieces of 2×4 and wood screws, I joined the two boards together to create the table top.

I used a mahogany stain on the table top and then sealed it with tung oil.  After it had dried, I screwed the top to the base, and—voila!—breakfast table. Total cost (wood and stain) was probably between $15 and $20.

breakfast table – nook in mid-wallpaper-removal!

Here’s a shot with the breakfast nook finally painted.

breakfast table with nook painted

I’m still looking for the perfect chairs. One of my friends claims to like the mis-matched chairs, but I have a thing about symmetry, so I’ll keep looking. I’ve also thought about building a couple of small benches instead.

After living in the space for a while and realizing that I like reading and writing and working on my computer in this spot, I decided to add a shelf to give me a little more surface area. It allowed me to add a little lamp, a couple of plants, pens and post-its (for making notes), and it’s also become home to my cookbooks.

breakfast table with window shelf

Update: I finally painted a couple of chairs to match the accent wall in the kitchen, and I think they look pretty cute. (They work for now anyway!)


Breakfast table with painted folding chairs

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