christmas wreath from the garden

A year after I’d moved into my wonderful little cottage, just before Christmas, I walked over to see a neighbor/friend and was stupefied by the enormous wreath adorning his front door. Magnolia leaves made up the bulk of the wreath, and he had also attached oranges and lemons and pomegranates and more. No lights or balls or glitter…just a simple, natural “Williamsburg-style” wreath, but really impressive.

Needless to say, when he opened the door, I gushed about the wreath…OMG and all that. He insisted that it was really simple to make (yeah, right) and that he could show me how to do it. I was skeptical.

However, the next year, some gardening friends and I (we have a very loose, very laid-back gardening group in the neighborhood) convinced him to teach us how to do it. So we gathered in a friend’s garage, carting bags of greenery and fruit and our fake wreaths from Walmart (or wherever), which would serve as the base for the wreath. (These are the ones that have “branches” made of pipe-cleaner. From a distance, they look like real wreaths.)

artificial wreath

the artificial wreath that serves as the base for the wreath

Using the pipe-cleaner branches to twist around the magnolia leaf stems, we covered the wreaths until no fake greenery was visible. Then we began to add our embellishments: the above-mentioned fruit, as well as ivy, holly/holly berries, rosemary, boxwood, dried hydrangeas, pine cones, money plant, nandina berries, etc. etc. Heavy gauge floral wire was used to attach the fruit.

This is our third year now, and we always have a blast. We bring goodies to munch while we work, ask each other’s opinions on what our wreaths might still need, and ooh and ahh over the finished projects.  My wreath for this year is below…different from last year, but then that’s the fun of it. Maybe next year I’ll take how-to photos so you can see just how easy it is.

Christmas wreath 2011 (magnolia, boxwood, rosemary, dried hydrangea, pinecone, pomegranate, orange)

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